Extra Poster Tips

Limit the amount of text

This may sound counterintuitive but pictures, charts, and graphs are often better at convening information. Also, think about how long someone is actually going to stand a read your poster. It probably won’t be very long, so make sure that they can go away with an understanding of what your project was about.

Make your title stand out!

This is what will catch people’s attention and make them want to stop and look at your poster. The title should be your largest text. You can also use a different font and color to make it stand out further.

Keep your font types consistent

While it’s okay to use a few different types to make different sections stand out; try to limit your poster to using no more than three font types.

Giving credits where it’s due

List all authors involved in with your research project, and be sure to include everyone’s correct titles (ex. Dr., Professor, etc.)!!

Put the department your project came out of (ex. Pharmacology, Anthropology, etc.)